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This section contains information of air conditoners in Singapore with regrads to product features and technology.

Daikin's "Ururu To Sarara R" series

Daikin has developed a new range of residential air conditioners, the "Ururu To Sarara R" series.
This new series has a 5 function 'self cleaning' feature that eliminate cleaning for 10years accordding to Daikin.

1st Function - Noiseless Filter Cleaning Unit
When the aircon is off, the filter will automatically be pulled down and an attached brush will remove dust from the filter. The dust will be collected in a 'dust box'.

2nd Function - Fluorine-coated filter
Prevents dust from ad-hering back on the filter.

3rd Function - Self Washing Heat Exchanger
Quoted from the article, "An antibacterial/antimould agent included in the coating on the self-washing heat exchanger is gradually melts, thereby suppressing the propagation of bacteria and mould. The highly hydrophilic coating applied on the surface of the heat exchanger fin absorbs the drain water that flows during cooling operation so that the stains are washed away with the water."

4th Function - Bacteria and Mold-proof fan
It does not promote bacteria and mold growth.

5th Function - Automatic Internal Cleaning
The remain water in the indoor unit is evaporated by application of heat and discharged to the outdoors. Thus the unit is always kept dry.

This series is slated to launch in March 2007 in Japan. And whether it will be lanuched in Singapore is not mentioned.

Original article and information from http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp


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