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This section contains information of air conditoners in Singapore with regrads to product features and technology.

Insists on the Safety Mark

For your protection, insist on the SAFETY MARK when you by any of the 31 types of controlled goods listed below. The mark ensures that these products meet specific safety standard requirements.

1. Cooking range
2. Hairdryer
3. Electric iron
4. Microwave oven
5. Television/video display unit
6. Videocassette recorder
7. Components of the LPG gas system (Hose, Regulator and Valve)
8. Gas cooker
9. Room air-conditioner
10. Table or standing fan
11. High-fidelity set
12. Rice cooker
13. Refrigerator
14. Vacuum cleaner
15. Immersion water heater
16. Kettle
17. Washing machine
18. \Table lamp/standing lamp
19. Toaster, grill, roaster, hot plate, deep fryer, wok and similar appliances
20. Any other audio products
21. Wall fan/ceiling fan
22. Adaptor
23. Mobile split air-conditioner
24. Coffeemaker, slow cooker, steamboat and similar appliances
25. Laser disc set
26. Mixer, blender, mincer and similar appliances
27. Aircooler
28. Home computer system (inclusive of monitor, printer, speaker and other mains operated accessories
29. Decorative lighting fixture
30. Portable cooking gas appliance
31. Gas canister
32. 3-pin rectangular type 13-amp mains plug
33. Fuse (less than or equal to 13-amp) for use in mains plug
34. 3-pin round type 15-amp mains plug
35. Multi-way adaptor
36. 3-pin portable socket-outlet
37. Portable cable reel
38. Instantaneous electric water heater
39. Mains pressure electric storage water heater
40.Residual current circuit breaker
41.3-pin 13-amp socket-outlet
42.3-pin 15-amp round type socket-outlet
43.Domestic electric wall switch
44.Ballast for tubular fluorescent lamp
45.Isolating transformer for downlight fitting

For more information, refer to www.spring.gov.sg and www.safety.org.sg


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