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This section contains information of air conditoners in Singapore with regrads to product features and technology.

Overseas Models (Currently not available in Singapore)


Mitsubishi Electric recently shown on TV their newest model...the inverter FA series with 'I See' feature.

Indoor Unit : MSZ-FA25VA
Indoor Unit : MSZ-FA35VA

1) 'I See' sensor. The air con will automatically sense which area requires cooling and the cold air will be directed to that area.

Pictures and information taken from www.mitsubishielectric.com.au

The advanced Daikin's FTXG-E series achieves a new simplicity, combining a stylish compact form with high performance. In the merely 150 mm deep housing, unique cutting-edge technologies that realize a COP of over 4 are compacted, including a DC inverter. It also employs the Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic air-purifying filter.

The front panel is made of clear plastic with a frosted surface, providing a modern chic appearance. The simplified panel creates perfect accordance between the unit and room door.

Good Design Award
The "Good Design Award" is Japan's only synthetic design evaluation/recommendation system and is sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.

Pictures and information taken from www.daikin.com.jp

This is the newest model from SANYO called the 'Shiki Saikan' series.
It emphasizes on design and indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality
1) air clean apatite filter with a powerful air purifying function
2) photo catalytic sterilization lamp

1) Won the 2005 Good Design Award in Japan.
2) Six different panel colours to match your home decoration

1) Information taken from JARN, Serial No. 442 Volume 37, No. 11 dated November 25, 2005
2) Picture taken from www.e-life-sanyo.com


WiniaMando is a leading manufacturer of lifestyle appliances headquartered in Asan, Korea.
Formerly a business division of Mando Machinery Corporation (an automotiveparts manufacturer), WiniaMando was established in November 1999 when an investor consortium lead by UBS Capital acquired the operationsfrom Mando.
As a pioneer in the Korean automotive climate control industry,WiniaMando extended its expertise into the consumer side by introducinga full line of residential air conditioners in the early 1990s.

Information and pictures taken from www.winiamando.com/eng


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