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This section contains information of air conditoners in Singapore with regrads to product features and technology.

Panasonic AC Robot

This is the new Single Split Model from Panasonic known as AC (auto cleaning) Robot.

Those interested can visit www.panasonic.com.sg or any of their authorised dealers.

Panasonic X 11 Series Posted by Picasa

The main feature of this X series is

An AUTOMATIC Air Filter Cleaning System

This will mean users will not have to clean their filters like what they used to do in the past.
A constantly clean filter will result in
1) optimum performance
2) good cooling efficiency
3) reduce operation cost (electricity bills)
4) cleaner air (good indoor air quality)

The filter cleaning system automatically cleans the air conditioner's filter once every 24 hours. Each process will take nine minutes (clean one-eighth of the entire filter surface), starting when the unit is switched off after operating for 30 minutes or longer. The filter automatically expels collected dust into the outdoor atmosphere together with other air borne particles.

Other Features

1) First air purifying unit combining the pre-filter and air purifier into one unit

2) Gas Sensor
This sensor is installed to monitor the air quality in the room. It works even when the indoor unit is switched off. Basically, when there is an increase in carbon dioxide or other pollutants in the room, the sensor will activate the air purifier and ventilator thus maintaining the room air quality at a suitable level.

3) Oxygen Enrichment (O2 Shower)
This feature is already in the current single split models in Singapore. (Refer to one of my previous post)
In this new X series, this feature is also included. In addition to that, the gas sensor will also monitor the oxygen level in the room and bring in oxygen rich air (30%) when the room oxygen level drops below 21%.

4) "Super Alleru-Buster" anti-allergen and "Bio Anti-Bacterial"
This feature is already in the current Single Splits and Mulit Splits systems in Singapore.
The filtes are coated with this catechin to inactivate a variety of airborne allergens and viruses.

Lastly, i would like to empahsize a commitment by Matsushita to making our world a better place.

This is the Basic Policy Towards the Environment adopted and practice by Matsushita.

'Matsushita's corporate mission is to improve and enhance people's lives, contributing to the progress and development of society through our wide-ranging business activities. Reflecting the philosophy embodied in this mission, on June 5, 1991, we adopted the Matsushita Environmental Charter, pledging in our Environmental Statement to preserve the earth's resources and protect our natural surroundings. Based on this charter, we have been promoting environmental initiatives that acknowledge our obligation to maintain and nurture the ecology of this planet.The 21st century has been dubbed the "century of the environment," in which every company, public organization and private citizen will play a crucial role in redefining not only corporate activities, but social systems and people's values as well. At Matsushita, we understand that cultivation of a recycling-oriented society is one of our major responsibilities. Therefore, based on our Environmental Statement, we have drafted Green Plan 2010, which outlines our vision for meeting specific environmental targets. We vow to step up our efforts to promote these concepts, as we continue to fine-tune our approach to environmentally-responsible management. '

Therefore i hoped we as consumers will play a part too. If we, consumers, will to always buy green and energy efficient products, the manufacturers will have to adopt this concept so as to maintain its market share.

** Information from www.panasonic.co.jp
** For more information on the Singapore Energy Labelling Scheme, go to www.nccc.gov.sg


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